Coastal Pirates Inline Hockey kicks off

Over the weekend (24-26 February) the coastal Inline Hockey Club hosted its 21st time business league tournament at the Dome Sport Complex Centre in Swakopmund. Thirty teams participated in 8 different age categories with players ranging from 4 up to 40 years.

The business league encourages players from all over the country to “mix and match” their teams by allowing only 1 substitute per squad; “fitness plays an important role”. Younger divisions plays 1 period of 15 minutes run time, whilst the open division plays a 1 period of 20 minutes run time.
Kids from different clubs in Namibia entered individually, and the Coastal Pirates coach divided the various players into equal teams, in order to make sure that the competition stays fierce throughout the weekend. The Blue team walked away with the first spot.
The tournament, however is often scheduled before the season begins primarily to have fun. Winning teams from each division receive vouchers from various sponsors; (Spar, Swakop-mund Hotel & Entertainment Centre, Coastal Cellular, Desert Explorer, Bits N Pizzas, Brauhaus, Cafè Anton and NBC).
Bank Windhoek Looney Tunes won its second consecutive open championship by beating Wynkelder’s Smurf 4-2 in a gruelling rematch on Friday night.
In the Masters division, a titanic battle between Ground Rush Adventures and Omega Foxes which resulted in Omega Foxes walking away with the winning prize after scoring 16 penalty shots from both teams.
The ladies final was battled between the Carpenters from Weimanns Carpentry and Swakopmund Hire Sales & Service determined by penalty shootouts. The Carpenters took the victory.
Even though the Swakopmund Wynkelders Smurfs put up a great fight, the Bank Windhoek Looney Tunes thrashed them. The Ladies Masters division played the entire weekend without any substitutes, highlighting how tough the moms really are.
The finals of the under 12/14 division was played between National Fluid Control and Physiotherapy Rollers, after a 1-1 draw, penalty shootouts deter-mined the victory, an amazing goal scored by Corenna Weimann made Physiotherapy Rollers take the lead. Driehoekie koekie broekies(DKB) and the Internationals in an U16/18 division match, DKB took an early lead with 3-1 against Internationals who gained momentum minutes before the final whistle and defeated DKB with an unexpected 4-3. “Taking a look into the future of Namibian national hockey, with these young players in hand, this sport are in good hands, says Dave Hammond, Vice Chairman confidently.
From 21 to 28 May, the Dome will be hosting its very first African Cup Inline Hockey Championships, where spectators will be able to see the top players from all over the world competing on home grounds. Namibian Inline Hockey Federation as well as the Dome hopes that this will be the stepping stone into hosting a World Championships.
Top three best dressed teams:
1.Bank Windhoek Looney tunes
2.Ground Rush Adventures Car Bears
3.Wynkelders Smurfs

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