Coastal Rally drivers in action

Rudi Bowe

A total of six coastal rally drivers from Walvis Bay Motor Club will be in action at Round 1 of the 2021 Namibian National Rally Championships hosted by the Redline Motor Club and Shell V-Power Omaruru Rally on Saturday 12 June in and around Omaruru.

The coastal rally drivers that will be in action in Omaruru with one from Windhoek Motor Club and three from Redline Motor Club will for the first time since the late 1990’s once again have the opportunity to bring excitement to the town of Omaruru.
The Omaruru Shell V-Power Rally is hosted with the approval of the Namibian Motorsports Federation (NMSF)
The rally take place over a distance of approximately 217 km in and around Omaruru with seven special stages (SS) and 110 fast kilometres in the off-road class (OR) for bakkies, and the S-Classes (S1 to S4) for cars. Two stages will be rushed in the town area to bring the action closer to the residents.
On Saturday morning, the first stage will start at 10:00 at the Shell service station in the town, and the last stage will start at three o’clock in the afternoon.
The event is hosted strictly according to Covid-19 regulations.
The drivers with their navigator are.
Walvis Bay Motor Club
1. S2 – Jan Everson/Fanie Botes
2. S1 – Pieter Greeff/JP Robinson
3. CR1 РJacques Kruger/Roch̩ Louw
4. S1 – Steven Marnewick/Jodine van Zyl
5. CR2 – Dirk Redman/Flippie Liebenberg
6. S3 – De Wet Du Plessis/Willem Hugo
Windhoek Motor Club
1. S4 – Rolf Pretorius/Katja Pretorius
Redline Motor Club
1. S4 – Wilro Dippenaar/Carolyn Swan
2. CR2 – Jandre Dippenaar/Gielie Visser
The days program is as follows.
SS1: 10:00 MX 1 (6.89 km).
SS 2: 10:20 Pika Long 1 (18.87 km).
SS 3: 11:30 Railway 1 (23.93 km).
SS 4: 12:30 MX 2 (6.89 km).
SS 5: 12:50 Pika Long 2 (18.87 km).
SS 6: 14:00 Railway 2 (23.93 km).
SS 7: 15:00 Pika Short (10.74 km).

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