Coastal swimmer breaks swim record in Germany

Namibian swimmer from Swakopmund Phillip Seidler participated in the 18thNeuruppin Open Water 10km swim in Germany with 126 participants from two continents, four states and more than 30 cities from all over Germany on 11 August 2018.
The Neuruppiner open water swimming race offers a special challenge each year for extreme and long-distance swimmers from Germany and the neighboring countries as they swam over distances of 15, 10, 5 or one kilometer.
Seidler the 17th FINA World Championship starter and 5 times Pupkewitz Jetty Mile winner, participated in long-distance swimming over 10km that was an extreme challenge. He had to fight against strong wind gusts, strong opposing currents and waves, which made the orientation of the 10km route from Wustrau to Neuruppin more difficult.
The organizers commented and noticed that it has never been before that a 10km swimmer was spotted after 2 hours from the Bollwerk (finish line).
Phillip took the victory after 2:06 hours, setting a new course record in the 10km swim.
Not only was Phillip Seidler honored with a certificate, he also brought a trophy and a metallic stature from Theodor Fontane back home to Namibia.
Phillip was accompanied by Nadine Hälbich, a biokinetician from Swakopmund, who assisted him before, during after the competition.
The Neuruppin swim race was a very challenging race for Phillip and was a good preparation for the upcoming FINA/HOSA Marathon Swim World Series – Abu Dhabi in November.

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