Cohen Fistball Club solidifies its dominance

Cohen Fistball Club (CFC 1) is back on top of the log in the Bank Windhoek National Fistball League. The defending champions dominated the fourth and final round of fixtures, which took place over the weekend at the Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) in Windhoek.

“With this result, CFC 1 has a comfortable eight point lead at the top of the log,” said Fistball Association of Namibia’s Media Officer, Helmo Minz.
The tourney saw a total of eight teams, divided into two groups, contesting for top honours in their respective groups. Everyone has their eyes on the ultimate prize of winning the contest.
SKW 1, CFC 2 and Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC) 1 and 2, kicked off in Group A. SKW 1 dominated in this group and defeated all of their opponents in the group stages.
As a result, SKW 1 finis-hed top of Group A, followed by CFC 2, who overpowered all of SFC’s teams. SFC 1 came in third place, ahead of their counter-parts, SFC 2 who finis-hed at the bottom of the group.
CFC 1 defeated Deut-scher Turn und Sport-verein (DTS), CFC 3 and SKW 2 to top Group B. SKW 2 came in second place, followed by CFC 3 and DTS who finished third and fourth respectively. CFC 3 secured the third spot after they won against DTS, who had to settle for the fourth and final spot in Group B.
In the first semi-final, SKW 2 overpowered their club mates SKW 1 in a thrilling encounter which ended 2:1. CFC 1 defeated CFC 2 2:0, to qualify for the finals. In the match for third place, CFC 2 beat SKW 1 3:0. In the final place-ment matches, SFC 1 lost in the fifth place game against CFC 2, while DTS beat SFC 2 for the seventh place.
SKW 2 and CFC 1 faced each other in the final match. Despite the home turf advantage, SKW 2 could not match CFC 1’s play.
Due to this dominating position, SKW 2 had to give in to the pressure. CFC 1 won the contest with a final score line of 3:0. Next on the Fistball calendar are the various playoffs, scheduled for Saturday, 21 September. This will take place at the DTS sports fields in Windhoek.
Below are the team placements and log standings after the fourth round in the Bank Windhoek Fist-ball League:
Team placements:
1. CFC 1 12
2. SKW 2 10
3. CFC 2 8
4. SKW 1 6
5. CFC 3 4
6. SFC 1 2
7. DTS 1
8. SFC 2 0
Log standings:
1. CFC 1 46
2. SKW 1 38
3. SKW 2 30
4. CFC 2 28
5. SFC 1 13
6. CFC 3 11
7. DTS 4
8. CFC 4 2
9. SFC 2 0

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