Community concerns grow over “filthy” Walvis Bay

Eileen van der Schyff

Concerns are growing over Walvis Bay becoming an eyesore in many instances. It is always easy to point fingers at the local authority, but sadly to say most of these eyesores are caused by our residents themselves. Also, temporary residents in the form of foreigners who make business here, only to leave when the money is in the pocket with no care in the world the havoc they leave behind.

From building rubble, heaps of unused building sand and building gravel, sand encroachment not properly managed, litters, household waste piling up on empty plots, old vehicle wrecks, empty houses stripped of doors and windows, foreign trucks parked in the streets and open lots and large volume of litter on our streets and in the Walvis lagoon – there is little pride left in us as residents to keep our town clean and tidy, several residents reported this week.
Residents who complained feel the only way they are heard is when their complaints are published in the Namib Times. One resident said she is fed-up with her neighbour’s building rubble piling up on the pavement and a broken-down vehicle nearby to complete the ugly picture. The vehicle is parked on the pavement already for months with not a single traffic officer acting.
“I have contacted the relevant authorities. No action has been taken to date”, said this very disgruntled resident. Adding, sidewalks are there for pedestrians to use. In-stead, pedestrians must stumble over building rubble and walk into the street to avoid the wrecks parked on the pavement.
What was said above can be regarded as an over exaggeration. However, here are more examples of complaints received.
∙Three vehicle wrecks on the parking lot in the cbd (pictured).
∙ Dilapidated houses (pictured) which is not only an eye sore but is a springboard for vagrants and criminals.
∙ Littering across town and along the Walvis Bay lagoon.
∙ Vandalism of general infrastructure like the lagoon park over the weekend (pictured) and the vandalism of road signs. (pictured)

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