Community police structures and police meet to discuss festive season operations

The Namibian Police Force in Erongo Region, lead by Nampol Head of Operations Deputy Commissioner Tobi Gerber, held a meeting with leaders of community policing structures in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay this week in preparation of various law enforcement activities over the festive season.

The meetings which respectively took place on Tuesday night at police headquarters in Walvis Bay and on Wednesday evening in Swakopmund was at-tended by members of the various Neighbourhood Watch formations, Police Public Relations Committees, crime stopper and police reservists. The festive season operations will start on 28 November until 15 January 2019. During the meeting Deputy Commissioner Gerber shared information around the set-up of road blocks both on the B2 main road, Henties Bay/Swakopmund road and Walvis Bay/Swakopmund road.
Gerber encouraged the community policing structures to assist the police during the festive season operations as they normally do and thanked them for their assistance throughout the year.
He said the contribution of community policing structures have really helped reduce crime in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, although much space still for improvement. Members of the Namibian Police alone cannot fight crime, he reiterated.
Deputy Commissioner Gerber further said one of the greatest crime concerns are housebreaking. Nampol recorded a total number of 13 cases re-ported in November 2016 at the Swakopmund Police Station and 7 in 2017. In Walvis Bay the situation is worst with 35 break-ins reported during November 2017.
Mondesa Police Station recorded 9 break-ins in December 2016 and 8 in 2017.
“We need to patrol our areas, wear caps and reflective jackets on patrol so that we are visible. If criminals see you patrolling, they will move away from your area. We must also keep in mind that Neighbourhood watches are only effective if they are supported by the police”, said Gerber.
Commenting on crimes committed against tourists, he said that most of the crimes committed are taking place at the establishments where they are booked in or when they visit places of interest. Possible suspects are believed to be the employees at these establishments monitoring tourist movements and tipping off their accomplices.
“As business owners, we must take care of who we employ. We must advise tourists not to expose their valuables. They must lock away their properties whenever they leave their vehicles”, added Gerber.
Domestic related issues are also on the rise in Mondesa and Kuisebmond. Alcohol abuse is the root cause of most domestic violence cases, but also other violent crimes like assault, murder and also robberies and theft.
“People do not speak up until things get bad or when it is too late for the police to protect them. Nampol advises the community to protect each other and report Gender Based Violence or any other forms of domestic violence crimes. “If you see your neighbour is being abused by their partner, come to us and report”, said the Station Commander of Mondesa Police Station Hilma Kandali Uwanga.

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