Completion of container terminal on reclaimed land only months away

China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) is wrapping up the nearly five years it took to construct the container terminal on reclaimed land in the port of Walvis Bay.

CHEC has started to repatriate most of the construction vessels it used. For that purpose CHEC brought in a heavy lift vessel to load and transport these vessels back to China. A heavy lift vessel literally sinks in order to bring its cargo deck below the water surface. With the cargo deck below the water surface, vessels can float onto the deck. The water is then pumped out of the heavy lift vessel and it refloats and along with that lift her cargo clear out of the water. A picture on this page show some of the construction vessels on the heavy lift’s cargo deck as well as pictures that showed the progress with construction on the container terminal when Namib Times visited the site earlier this year.
The container terminal will be commissioned October this year and an official opening is expected to take place in August.

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