Computer virus responsible for crash of WB municipal computer system

The municipality of Walvis Bay confirmed this week a computer virus was responsible for the crash of the local authority’s computer network. The crash not only resulted in administrative headaches for both ratepayers and municipal staff, but the municipality is also experiencing a financial setback in that rates and taxes accounts will only be posted to ratepayers today.

“We had skilled and experienced information technology service providers here who first had to locate the problem. Then the slow and frustrating process began to recover all data”, municipal spokesperson Kevin Adams explained this week. What could be established so far is that a computer virus, presumably through the system’s email segment entered the system and crashed it.
For several weeks now, rate payers could not establish what they owe in rates and taxes. Apart from dealing with frustrated customers, staff had to revert to the ways of the old days – written receipts. Some ratepayers just deposited payments based on estimates from previous months, whilst others are waiting it out for the accounts to be mailed.
As a result of the system crash, no cut-off list could be produced for accounts not paid.
According to Mr. Adams accounts will be mailed today. Ratepayers have until 17 March to settle the accounts, according to him.
“We are confident that we are back on track”, explained Adams on Wednesday. During earlier questions by namib times, Adams said it is yet to be established whether there were actual data losses.
In the meantime, municipal staff will do everything in their power to capture data generated from paperwork after the crash occurred, whilst it remains unknown what can be done if actual data losses occurred that cannot be recovered.

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