Consultations for finalisation of NDP5 conducted with Erongo

Various high level representatives from all local authorities in the Erongo Region met yesterday with the Minister in the Presidency in charge of the National Planning Commission, Tom Alweendo, to have their say in the new National Development Plan, NDP5. NDP5 is set to launch in March 2017, when the current NDP4 will run out.

“It is our purpose here today to share ideas, not because we have answers, but we wish to hear about the Erongo Region. We want to listen to you. How can the region contribute to NDP5,” said Alweendo during his opening remarks yesterday in Swakopmund. The consultations with high-level government officials regarding the input for NDP5 will take place in all 14 regions of the country.
The first draft of the National Development Plan 5 is set to be presented to the line minister this Monday. The final draft is anticipated to be done by October this year. Thereafter the launch of NDP5 is set to be made in March 2017, when NDP4 runs out. Compared to other development plans the new document will revoke around three pillars: Sustainable economic, social and environmental development.
Compared to its predecessor (NDP4) the target of the National Development Plan 5 is quite similar to its amount of targets. NDP1 had four targets, NDP2 eight and NDP 21. “Let’s not try to come up with a perfect plan. It’s better to have something that is workable. Our focus should be how we can implement the plan,” Alweendo said to the guests. In his view the new NDP5 will have a strong political will to transform the socio-economic landscape in Namibia.
During his speech Alweendo looked back on the past 26 years of the young democracy, saying that a lot has been achieved. “I can say with confidence that we in Namibia are capable of running our own affairs and we are capable of extraordinary things,” he said. While he praised past achievements, he also noted various challenges, especially in the education sector and unemployment rate. “We don’t have the luxury of a business as usual approach. We live in a time where people see the need for what they want to have,” Alweendo continued; and added: “The status quo has changed. We have a long journey ahead of us.”
In his brief opening remarks of the consultation Erongo Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua said that “we as a region are required to contribute to the development and implementation of NDP5.” “The time for us as leaders to sit and pass the buck is over. Most of the time you see leaders in regions only pass the buck,” he said. He called on all present dignitaries that each and everyone needs to be part of the process and is required to actively participate in NDP5.

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