Contempt of court – Emily Schneider-Waterberg back behind bars

Well-known Swakopmund estate agent Emily Schneider-Waterberg, who stands accused of malicious damage to property and assault, is once again in custody after her bail was revoked in the Swakopmund magistrates court on Friday.
Schneider-Waterberg missed two court appearances and a warrant of arrest was issued. When she appeared in court on Friday, Magistrate Nelao Brown expressed interest to finalise this case, which dates from July 2014 and said the only way to do that is to cancel Schneider-Waterberg’s bail and remand her in custody.
Since 2014 the case was postponed several times. The case was finally postponed to 22 June 2016 for plea and trial. Schneider-Waterberg was absent and Magistrate Brown had issued a warrant of arrest with immediate effect on that date.
On Friday an enquiry for the warrant of arrest was heard. During this Schneider-Waterberg testified that she was in e-mail contact with the state prosecutor, Tanja Jacobie, who has in the meantime resigned. Schneider-Waterberg testified that she sent an e-mail stating that she could not be in court on 22 June and asked for a new date, being 15 September 2016.
The prosecutor answered stating that that is in order. She maintained that she did not appear in court on the new date as this date was not confirmed.
“What actually baffles me in this case is that the lawyer, Alfred Ellis, and the accused so adamantly insist that the remand requested was between Ms Jacobie and the accused (…). A remand granted is at the behest of the court,” Brown said in her ruling. Subsequently she cancelled the bail as well as warning and remanded Schneider-Waterberg in custody.
The accused is eligible to bring a formal bail application again, in order to regain her freedom pending the finalisation of the case.

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