Council Acts swiftly to Report of Unfinished House

The Swakopmund municipality has reacted swiftly to complaints about the unfinished house in Tamariskia. In a report, the building inspector Larry Mwikanda said, “Indeed the uncompleted house is being used by some hobos as a shelter”.
A letter has been sent from the department instructing the owners to tidy up and secure the premises. Although the building stood in this state for a couple of years, the Standard Building Regulation is silent, hence a period of completion cannot be stipulated.
Mwikanda states further in his report that, “some people do build out of their own pocket, which might prolong the construction period. “Adding that should the construction process become dormant, the owner may be required to hire security to watch the premises.
Clearing out hideouts and securing premises still under construction, is pertinent as these spots later become run down and uninhabitable due to abuse by miscreants

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