Council avails funds for shack fire victims

Sharlien Tjambari 

With the increase numbers in shack fires, the Swakopmund Municipality saw the need to assist the fire victims not only with tents and food packages, but to renovate the houses affected by shack fires. The municipality availed a total of N$67 060.20 towards the renovations recently.

After requests for donations by the fire victims of 14 June near Meduletu Community Hall at the single quarters, the Swakopmund Municipality approved the request and decided to renovate 3 houses which were affected by shack fire. On 14 June 2019 a total of 9 shacks and one house was destroyed by a fire. Those affected lost most of their properties in the blaze and have found it hard to rebuild from scratch.
According to council, the payment will be made directly to the selected suppliers namely: Pupkewitz Megabuild, Swakopmund Building Sup-pliers cc t/a Build IT and Hardware and Building Suppliers (Pty) Ltd.

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