Council gives community opportunity to voice concern in public meeting

At a public meeting held in Narraville by the Local Authority Council of the Municipality of Walvis Bay on Tuesday evening, 24 May, community members of Narraville were given the opportunity to give input on issues that council should focus on.

The floor was opened by The Mayor of Walvis Bay, Alderman Immanuel Wilfried, with the following remarks, “As you know, the Local Authority Council finds it necessary to conduct meetings of this nature from time to time to discuss essential issues that concern the public and to clarify them in order to avoid any misunderstandings. It is also in line with our Government’s Harambee Prosperity Plan, which puts great emphasis on public consultation. Through these consultations we also hope to get input from our residents on areas that Council should focus on, especially on programmes to feature in our capital budget.”
Under the many topics of discussion, the issues surrounding the Build Together housing scheme were brought up, concerning the poor condition of these houses in Narraville.
Issues brought up by the public include poor conditions of streets in Narraville and Walvis bay as a whole; sewerage problems – in Neptune street especially; as well as the lack of street lighting in certain areas of Narraville. A member of public requested that council take a look at the possibility of making the Narraville clinic bigger. There were also complaints regarding the structure of speedhumps in Narraville.
Wilfried added, “Government has undertaken to financially support local authorities to provide more serviced land, and to address the housing shortage, especially affordable housing. Since we are partners in this process, the distribution of the serviced land will be done in conjunction with Government. The beneficiaries will be drawn from the local waiting lists, namely the municipal and NHE lists. Together with the NHE we are now busy verifying the different lists to make sure there are no duplications or other irregularities. Also, we need to make sure those on the lists do not own other properties. The Minister of Urban and Rural Development will then officially hand over the properties on behalf of Government. What is also important to know is that Government will continue to finance the next round of servicing land, starting in July when the new financial year starts.”
New members of council were also introduced to the community. 10 new councillors were appointed, following the local authority elections in November last year. All 10 councillors were sworn in officially in December and by law the Council had to go into recess. The full Council returned in February this year and before they could commence with their official duties, they had to undergo a series of induction programmes to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their tasks. The induction process was co-ordinated by our line ministry, namely Urban and Rural Development and took place countrywide.

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