Council re-opens play parks for children

Sharlien Tjambari

On Friday, 20 November the Swakopmund Council officially re-opened the Independence and Hanganeni play parks in Mondesa for children living in surrounding areas to have safe play facilities.

Due to vandalism, these parks deteriorated, to a point where it became unsafe for the community. The vegetation in the park was vandalised and damaged. The parks also became a hive for illegal activities such as drug trade and alcohol abuse.

According to the Communications Officer of the Swakopmund Municipality, Ailie Gebhardt, to provide a safe and peaceful play area for children as initially intended, the Municipality installed a fence around both parks as well as rules and regulations to prevent vandalism in these parks. Vegetation has been restored at the parks with the hope that communities will appreciate these initiatives and take care of it.

During 2005 / 2006 Council started to work on the project to refurbish the well-known Independence play park, which was the only play park in Mondesa back then. The Parks and Garden Team levelled the soil with a grader, replanted some of the palm trees, laid a new lawn and interlocked the pathway. The Team also put up some playing apparatus. During 2007 the MTC Tower was erected at the park and in 2020 Council fenced of the whole park.
When Hanganeni play park was erected in 2015, the first thing that was built was a Netball court, a few play apparatuses and the council interlocked most of the walking areas. During 2018 several blocks were interlocked, and some palm trees were planted. In February 2019, the Parks & Garden team added some vegetation (plants) around the park for beautification. Early this year Council had to put up a fence to plant three lawns in the park and prevent the park from being vandalised.

Security Services are rendered at the parks to ensure that the public adhere to the rules stipulated by Council. The parks are also equipped with benches for parents to sit on while their children play. The Parks will be open every day from 08:00 to 18:00.

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