Court hears he killed frail old man in self defense

One of the men accused of having killed former Walvis Bay resident Willem de Klerk (71) on his farm near Usakos late in 2015 says he was acting in self-defence. After killing de Klerk he realised no one would belief his account of the incident and instead hid the body and got two accomplices whom stole from the dead farmer and then fled the scene.

The accused Dion Haraseb explained to judge Christie Liebenberg in the Windhoek High Court recently he and de Klerk got involved in a physical altercation. He was working for de Klerk. In the course of the altercation he shot and killed de Klerk.
According to Haraseb he realised no one would believe he killed the frail and elderly man in selfdefence and hid the body. He then told a colleague, Karel Claasen, what had happened and Claasen agreed no one would belief him (Haraseb). Claasen al-legedly assisted to hide the body.
Haraseb, Claasen and a niece of Haraseb, Zelda Harases, then stole from the dead farmer’s belongings and fled the farm. Haraseb and Claasen remain in custody and Harases is free on bail.
A state witness testified he received a call from Haraseb shortly after the murder. In this call Haraseb basically admitted to the killing and also implicated Claasen in hiding the body.

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