Cases more severe, more hospitalisations and deaths

Namibia’s health authorities issued a stern warning of a steep increase in the number of new Covid-19 infections and also a higher death rate in recent weeks.

This increase also represents more severe cases, higher number of hospitalisations, and deaths.
With the winter only days away, Namibians are urged to adhere to Covid-19 safety procedures and to embrace the opportunity to get vaccinated.
“Recent weeks have witnessed a steep spike in the numbers of new Covid-19 infections around the country. On average, Covid-19 infections are reported in all fourteen regions of the country on a daily basis”, states the ministry of health and social services in a recent public notice.
Adding, the increase in cases exerted pressure on the capacities in intensive care units of both public- and private hospitals.
The ministry attributes this increase in cases to Namibians becoming complacent, and letting their guard down in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. As citizens of the country Namibians can do their part by complying with public health regulations. That includes wearing face masks correctly, wash hands regularly, avoid crowded places, practise social distancing and to isolate and get tested should a person show any symptoms associated with a Coronavirus infection.
Namibians are also urged to respect curfew hours (22:00-04:00 all days of the week) and business owners and managers need to ensure their premises promote social distancing and stay within the business hours provided for in the public health regulations.
Both the B.1351 and B1.1.7 strains of the Coronavirus, respectively the more dangerous variant of the Coronavirus found in South Africa and the United Kingdom has since been detected in Namibia. These variants are associated with more severe infections, higher hospitalisation rate and also higher death rate, prompting the ministry of health and social services to monitor developments very closely, according to the statement.
As lockdowns have proven globally as the most efficient way to curb the pandemic, Namibians cannot rule out lockdowns in the ensuing months, if the need arises.
It remains therefore a patriotic duty of every Namibian to adhere to safety regulations, and in doing so ensure their fellow countrymen stay protected, to preventing further harm to the Namibian economy (any form of lockdown) and to speed up the country’s return to normal life.

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