Cran Enforces Consumer Rights

CRAN enforces consumer rights in respect of Mobile Telecommunications limited customer subscription agreements.

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) is mandated to ensure that consumers are protected from exploitation and abuse in respect of price, quality, variety of services and user equipment supplied.
The public is invited to note that all telecommunications service licensees providing a service in Namibia are now mandated to ensure the following when renewing subscription agreements for post-paid services:
1. Notify the customers in writing that their contract will be lapsing and that such written notification must be done 30 days before the contract is due to;
2. Notify the customer of the date upon which his/her contract is lap-sing and that he/she is entitled to extend the Agreement by a further contract period and that such customers are entitled to an offer to receive a new device.
3. The new subscription Agreement should be in writing, and should be signed by both the licensee and the customer.
4. Customers that choose not to renew their agreements must be automatically migrated to a Standard Package with a reduced subscription and will not quality to receive a telecommunications service device.
Therefore if such customers were for instance paying N$1 000 as a result of acquiring a telecommunications service device, they must now only pay N$500 as they opted not to take a device (kindly note this is only an example for illustration purposes and is there-fore not actual costs).
5. It was further decided:
(a) That the principles addressed herein must be applied to all new and existing Subscribers with contracts that lapse after the date on which this decision was communicated to the public in the Government Gazette; with the exception of Mobile Telecommunications Limited and Telecom Namibia Limited to whom the decisions are to be implemented as per dates already communicated to them.
(b) That all new telecommunications service providers entering the market should ensure that their packages and customer subscription agreements complies with this decision and that such packages and tariffs should be submitted to the Authority for approval pursuant to section 53 of the Communications Act, (No. 8 of 2009).
In the best interest of consumers, CRAN is committed to treat all consumer related issues as a matter of public policy. Aggrieved and affected consumers are encouraged to manage their cases with their service providers directly.
If they feel their cases have not been addressed within 14 days from the date in which it was formally reported to the service provider, consumers are then encouraged to follow CRAN’s consumer complaints procedure.

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