Crime: Erongo among the worst hit Regions

Floris Steenkamp

The Erongo Region, along with Khomas, Otjozondjupa and Oshana are the worst hit by crime in the past two months, according to the Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, Daniel Kashikola. The Deputy Minister on Wednesday addressed the annual Security Sector Parade in Windhoek, attended not only by members of the Namibian Police, but also other security segments which included neighbourhood watch formations.

According to Kashikola a total of 49 000 criminal cases were reported between March and August countrywide (March to May 22 800 cases and June to August 26 400 cases).
Kashikola quoted crime statistics of the past five years which show theft of cell phones increased by 29,5 %; murder by 9,5 %; robbery by 36,2 %, theft of motor vehicles by 34,4 % and stock theft rose by 21,4 %.
Crimes which showed a downward trend over the past five years are attempted murder (3,4%); common assault (4,9 %) and rape (2,2%).
“All Namibian Police Force regional commanders and their respective regional management cadres are under strict orders to ensure that crime is, at the very least, reduced in their regions”, Kashikola told the audience and also called for an improvement in the management of dockets in order to speed up investigations and facilitate less delays in prosecution.
Kashikolo remarked these crime statistics and also the regions worst affected the past two months are cumbersome, given that these regions will be popular destinations during the upcoming festive season. In Erongo, in particular the coastal towns, thousands of holiday makers are expected to start to flow in from early December.
The Deputy Minister called for increased interventions like intensive crime prevention operations, crime awareness campaigns and intelligence-driven operations to root out crime syndicates and networks.
Also speaking at the Parade was the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga who said youth unemployment are among the root causes of rising crime statistics.

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