Cruise liner Musica ends her cruise on a “different note”

Floris Steenkamp

Passengers on the MSC Musica, one of the passenger liners that were alongside in Walvis Bay on 16 January this year, saw their trip of a dream ending on a rather “different note” in Cape Town over the weekend.

Strong winds prevented the ship from docking in Cape Town and it had to stay out at sea for two days. Passengers were becoming anxious, because they were missing connecting flights home and equally were people delayed in Cape Town who were supposed to board the ship for the next cruise.
Judging social media comments by passenger on board, and those waiting for the arrival, most were satisfied with the way the situation was handled by MSC Cruises. Extra entertainment was organised for those on board and in Cape Town and who would say no to an extra two days aboard a cruise liner? In Cape Town too close attention was paid to detail to make the wait worth its while for those yet to board the ship.
The ship eventually docked on Saturday.
Musica docked in Walvis Bay on 16 January this year and was part of a historical moment for the port of Walvis Bay that day when four passenger liners were alongside simultaneous.

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