CS:GO National Tournament 2021 Final Round

As yet another successful season of qualifiers draws to a close, we are one step closer to selecting our Namibian Esports Team for CS:GO to represent us on the international stage.

This year has been unprecedented as we have seen many skilled and top-tier athletes with tied and close scores and thus prompted us to select not the usual 10, but 12 candidates to participate in this year’s final round.
These athletes will compete in a series of 5 playoff games on Saturday, 31 July 2021, from 13:00, so that NESA and the Selection Committee can determine who the top 5, and the next Namibian CS:GO Esports Team will be.
The following 12 candidates will be participating in the final round are, Alan Miller, Andries Wahl, Danie Muller, Ezee Viljoen, Gideon Buys, Ilario Izaks, Jaco Hyman, John Berry, Maja -Carstens, Pieter Kok, Talon Izaks and Tristan Loftie-Eaton.
The top 3 teams for the qualifier round were EZK25:17 in 1st place, with V-Fortis (2nd team) placing 2nd and V-Fortis (1st team) placing 3rd.
Regarding the procedures for the final event, a total of 5 games will be played. The first 4 games’ teams have already been determined with the 5thgame’s team being configured on the day after the first 4 games. Team com-positions and captains of teams for each of the first 4 games will be as thus:
Game 1: Team Ezee Viljoen(c), Ilario Izaks, Andries Wahl, Jaco Hyman, Tristan Loftie-Eaton. Team 2: Pieter Kok, Talon Izaks(c), John Berry, Alan Miller, Maja Carstens.
Game 2: Team 1: Ezee Viljoen, Jaco Hyman, Ilario Izaks, Talon Izaks(c), Gideon Buys. Team 2: Andries Wahl(c), John Berry, Pieter Kok, Alan Miller, Danie Muller.
Game 3: Team 1: Pieter Kok, Andries Wahl(c), Jaco Hyman, Tristan Loftie-Eaton, Maja Carstens. Team 2: Ilario Izaks(c), John Berry, Alan Miller, Gideon Buys, Danie Muller.
Game 4: Team 1: Pieter Kok, Ilario Izaks, Tristan Loftie-Eaton, Maja Carstens(c), John Berry. Team 2: Andries Wahl, Jaco Hyman(c), Alan Miller, Danie Muller, Gideon Buys.
NESA would also like to thank everyone that participated in the organizing and umpiring of this tournament to provide the platform for the Namibian athletes to have a professional and fair tournament on. As well as a big thank you to our sponsors Logitech G, Nanodog and Future CC for making the entire event possible.
NESA President Flip de Bruyn said: “I sincerely hope every-one enjoyed the qualifiers as much as we have, and we look forward to selecting our new Namibian CS:GO Esports Team.”
For more information visit our Facebook page @Nesa.Namibia or our website www.esportsnamibia.org



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