Cyber bullying a rising terror in Namibia

Sharlien Tjambari

Cyber bullying, best described as messages of threat, insults or derogatory comments sent by cell phone, makes up 44 % of all forms of bullying. This was said earlier this week by Miss Namibia 2019 Nadja Breytenbach who visited the Namib High School at Swakopmund to sensitise learners on bullying.

What aggravates the situation is that cyber bullying is rarely reported by victims and is therefore classified as a “silent” evil.
Bullying at schools is a problem in Namibia. With the age of cell phones cyber bullying too is on the rise.
Breytenbach said she also experienced cyber bullying: “When photos of Miss Namibia 2019 were published on social media, we were bullied. All of us. I also received messages after I won, messages in which I was bullied. Luckily we all had each other and supported one another”, confessed Breytenbach.
Her advice to learners was to find someone to talk to. “Someone you can trust. Save the messages as evidence when things get out of hand”, she explained.
“Before you reply to any such messages think first You too can cause damage by replying”.
If you know of someone or you see someone bullying another person, be that physical or through messages or verbal remarks, tell that person to rethink his actions at once. Before too much damage is done”, she added.
Addressing the learners, the principal of Namib High School, Mrs Roosmarie September, too said bullying is a growing problem. She urged learners who are victims of bullying to come forward and speak out.
September also had a message to the bullies by asking a simple question: “how would you feel if someone do to you what you do to others?”
She expressed resolve that all forms of bullying at Namib High School will come to an end. “Nobody should stay at home and away from school because of bullying. If you are a victim, don’t be quiet. Speak out”.
The head boy of the school, Elago Ilonga, said bullying cannot be tolerated any more. He admitted he too has friends who are bullied and no one really knows how to help to resolve the problem.
Ilonga’s message to bullies were also clear: “For the bullies out there, I just want to say grow up and stay in your lane”.


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