Dance the night away

Sharlien Tjambari

Dancers from The Dance Factory in Swakopmund had outstanding and breath-taking performances on Friday at the Namib Primary School Aula, where they showcased various styles of dancing ranging from contemporary to Hip-hop and Ballet.

The night was all about dancing. The event was well attended and the hall was fully packed with people crazy about dancing.
From parents and friends to dancers and music makers.
The program saw that there was no dull moment. Dancers like Alex Beans, Leanne Magson, Alex Mogaviri, Carmen Waldeck, Jenny Sobek and many more rocking the stage.
Carmen Waldeck of The Dance Factory Swakopmund thanked all the Dancers for their hard work and dedication and also thanked their parents for supporting them and helping with costumes and make up. Waldeck expressed her gratitude to everyone who made this evening the success it was.

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