Danny signs contract with the Dome

Swakopmund’s own boxer, the IBF African Lightweight Champion Albinius “Danny – Feel the pain” Felisianu received boxing clothes from the Dome Management team and signed a one-year contract with the Dome for using the Dome’s gym facilities.
During the ceremony on Friday at the Dome, the Chief Executive Officer of the Dome, Horst Fritze said the main idea of the of the gathering was to sign a contract which will enable Danny to use the gym facilities at the Dome to prepare for future boxing matches. Fritze said they (at the Dome) want to take care of Danny and his belongings in order to make things easy for Danny in future and said he feel that this is just the beginning and the best is yet to come.
According to Dave Hammond, the Sales/ Marketing and Sports Manager at the Dome, Danny will be fighting in Ondangwa this Saturday, 27 October. Hammond said: “this is all to get ready for the big fight which will be on 29 December where he will be participating in the Desert Storm 2 which will be hosted here inside the Dome. In that fight he will be defending the IBF African Lightweight Championship”.
Hammond further said the whole point is to get Danny on board, get him prepared for his warm up fight and the Dome team hope he makes good on his defence over the title. He also said the clothes handed over to Danny right now was for his warm-up fight in Ondangwa and that there will be special clothes made for him for the December 29 fight. Now that the Dome and Team-Danny have partnered, Danny will be training in the Health and Wellness Centre in the Dome and Hammond said Danny will be doing three development clinics which will roll out next year, “we will be one development clinic per quarter and we will be doing them in DRC, Mondesa. Part of that agreement we will be having one annual fighter per year that is strictly for the amateurs, this is not for professional fighters and we looking at kids aged eight to 16-years for them to have a little platform and have many experiences”, Hammond added.
Commenting on the contract signed, Danny said he is very happy and will work hard to make his sponsors and supporters proud. Fritze said on 29 December there will be six fights on the card of which two will be title fights, “one will be Danny’s Africa WBC Lightweight Title and the other one will be a WBC World Title fight. It is going to be exciting times, it is going to be the best of Namibia and Africa”.

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