Daures constituency-Fearsome elephants are back again

Elephants have once again made their appearance in Omatjete, Daures Constituency in the Erongo region and this time they have destroyed houses during the evening of 2 February. According to Benhard Mauha, a farmer at Omisema village in the Ozondati district, there were about five to six elephants that night.
The elephants destroyed three houses at Omisema last week Thursday. Mauha says he works in Swakopmund and only goes home once in a while to visit the family so there is only ladies who live back home. He further said that in one of the houses there was an 18 year old who was sleeping and he was awoken by the sound of the elephants, he was in shock for about two days says Mauha. “Our village does not have water, the borehole we have ran dry so I do not know what attracted the elephants to our village that evening” adds Mauha. According to him, officials from the ministry, the governor and officials from the nature conservancies went to their village on 3 February to take photos and to record the incident and advised them to keep water open because the elephants will just drink and go. “This is not the first time that elephants destroy our homes. We all know that this is every year’s story and elephants have killed people in the past while people were in their homes. All we ask for is for the government to take the elephants back to Etosha or wherever they come from and not use the excuse of tourism. There are no tourists visiting these areas so it will only be right for the government to take the elephants away before they cause more harm to humans” Mauha emphasized.
He said he would also like to warn villagers in the Omatjete, Daures constituency about the elephants and for them to be extra careful when approached by elephants.

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