DBN donates laptops for academic excellence

Rudi Bowe 

The Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Anna Nghipondoka encouraged and motivated Principals, teachers, and learner’s representatives of Advance Subsidiary (AS) level schools to be brave, during her visit to Erongo region on Monday this week.

While addressing the principals, teachers, and learners at the COS-DEF Arts and Craft Centre, Nghipondoka said: “this meeting is for us to put heads together, for us to encourage each other especially because of the difficult time in which we are implementing this new, as it is said its not a reformed curriculum and we never had Advanced Subsidiary, it is a new curriculum that we are implementing into our country.
A very important one which needs a lot of effort, it need a lot of perseverance, a lot of resilience and especially because when we reach the top of the curriculum reform with a new grade added this is when we are doing it during a difficult time. A challenging time when our school attendances have been interrupted now and then, through closure of schools, through sickness and even through the deaths of our teachers”.
According to Nghipondoka, the class of 2021, teachers, learners, and principals are trailblazers. She said AS is not difficult, it is a challenge, and a challenge is there to challenge the way things are done. To challenge intellect and capacity. “For our Advance Subsidiary level teachers, this is not by choice but being a teacher by nature we should be motivated to grab this opportunity and live up to the definition of trailblazers by adopting bravery and when I am talking about teachers, I am also referring to learners here”.

Currently there are 11 schools in total offering the Advance Subsidiary Level, 7 public and 4 private schools. The number of learners for the AS level in Erongo region are 314 with 123 Teachers. The number of subjects on AS level is 23.
This meeting came at the right time when the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Advanced Subsidiary (NSSCAS) Level National Examinations will be written for the first time in Namibia.

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