De Duine hosting a successful athletics event

SS De Duine hosted its annual interhouse Athletics last Friday. Short distance races (100m and 200m) were among the most popular events which drew a large crowd and had people on their feet in excitement. The Smurfs won the interhouse this year.

Elrico Januarie, Monier Saban and Rayloon Kuilder and Terence Beukes were among the athletes that showed great talent.
It was not all about who crosses the finish line first. The U/19’s held hands and gracefully allowed for everyone to catch up, despite the teams they represented. They held hands and crossed the finish line together.
All athletes who came first, second and third qualified for the regionals.
The event this year was well attended and shows commitment from parents to support school sport events of their children.
We can pride ourselves in this event. Everything went smooth and people stayed to the very last minute. The interhouse was a one day event this year, as opposed to other years when the school hosted the event over two days.
One parent agreed with this and praised the school for the well organised event. “It was almost like in my days at school when inter-house was a highlight on the sports calendar of the school with all the fun and colours”, she said.
In previous years it was often difficult to distinguish between the different teams. This year things were done exceptionally well. It was colourful and teams had their distinguished identities, it was said. This was a job well done!!”
The Smurfs emerged as the winners with 277 points. Sponge Bobs finished in second place with 163 points. The team also took the trophy for the best spirit. Ninja Turtles came third with 114 points, but remained energetic right up to the end.
“We are practicing for the upcoming regionals which is held on 10 and 11 of March. Watch out!!! As we say; “Die son sak nooit oor De Duine nie!”
This opportunity is also taken by De Duine to express sincere gratitude towards each and every person that made this day a success. From the organisers, the athletes and the parents who each in their individual days contributed to this day..

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