Dead Sea resort for Walvis Bay

There were very ambitious plans for tourism development in the Walvis Bay area. Over many decades Namib Times reported on these dreams and plans. This particular proposal takes the cake though – edition Tuesday, 6 August 1985.

“Dead Sea Resort for Walvis Bay: The Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Mr. John Wiley explained in a letter to the Minister of State Development, Mr. Chris Heunis, that a resort similar to the Dead Sea Resort in Israel could be developed for Walvis Bay.
Minister Wiley explained consideration could be given to fill an underground area with salt water of a high concentration and develop the surface as a resort.
It was further explained in the letter from Minister Wiley to Minister Heunis the surface area could be covered with dune sand to ensure an attractive surface and plants and trees could keep the sand stable.
“The effect of floating on the salty water would have the same effect as floating on the high concentrated salt water of the Dead Sea”, the letter is quoted in the report also explaining this would be a valuable way to attract tourism.

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