Debris still not collected after fire incident

Sharlien Tjambari

Earlier this week a total number of six shacks burned down in Olet-weni, Mondesa after a fire started on Erf 3059 and spread to 3085 and 3058, the victims suffered a great loss. An eye sore to the victims is that the debris still lying there.

The Swakopmund Fire Brigade confirmed the incident and said they received a call about the fire at 03:00 on Sunday morning. According to the fire department, the cause of the fire is not yet known, and all six shacks burned down completely. Some of the fire victims are currently staying with family and at friends’ houses however, usually when there is a fire like this, the department sends out trucks to come and clean up the debris. “This time the cinders and rubble from the inferno has been lying there for almost a week now, while some of these people have nowhere to go and want to rebuild but how do you rebuild, with that dirt there”, said one lady who requested for anonymity.
When asked why the fire department has not yet sent out people to clean up, an official from the fire department said the owners of the erfs must approach the department and put in a request for them to go clean up the place. The victims claim however, that they told the fire fighters to send out someone to go clean the mess. It took the Fire Brigade close to three hours to set the fire out.

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