Demonstration ISWB

Rudi Bowe

Lesley !Hoabeb and Delano Müller, instructors at the Namibia RCFAI & Kickboxing Academy in Walvis Bay held a successful awareness demonstration in Self-Defense at the International School of Walvis Bay (ISWB).

The aim of the demonstration was to teach the learners of ISWB the following life skills: Control, confidence, respect, focus, concentration, discipline and leadership.
Delano said that a lot of children know how it is to be bullied and that it’s not a good feeling as it makes you feel insecure, humiliated and very uncomfortable and has the power to destroy you mentally and physically.
“I have also been a victim of bullying, but sport helped me to cope with these situations and turned it into something positive Delano said.
He went on by saying: “Trough sport and games, confidence is built to help one cope with these situations. It brings a sense of improvement, accomplishment and a feeling of personal progress. We sometimes just need a place where we can get away from our troubles and sports is a great way of doing just that”.
Delano Müller, told the learners to always control their emotions:-
· Recognize the emotion
· Don’t react on the emotion
· Identify the reason for the emotion
· Project the consequences of the possibilities
· Then make the right choice
This was very good for the school and many learners gathered to learn more about Self-Defense. The Namibia RCFAI & Kickboxing Academy plans to hold regular demonstrations, seminars and training camps for all who is interested

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