Desalination can turn Erongo into a bread basket

The Governor of the Erongo Region, Clr. Cleophas Mutjavikua reiterates the importance of acquiring the Areva desalination plant located at Wlotzkasbaken and at the same time building a second similar desalination facility to ensure sufficient supply of water in the region.
Clr Mutjavikua made these remarks recently in Swakopmund at the commissioning ceremony of a brick making machine to the DRC community for brick manufacturing. The machine can be rented by community members to produce bricks to construct their own homes.
Rental income will be utilised solely to upkeep and repair the brick maker (matter extensively reported in previous editions of the newspaper).
Back to desalination. “As a Region, we need to buy the desalination plant and build a second desalination plant”. We will be in a position then to establish food security platforms like irrigation schemes right here in the desert and other arid areas of Erongo like Spitzkoppe and Uis”, the Governor explained. With adequate water supply the construction of greenhouses and other green technology to produce food locally will no more be subjects of dreams any more. “We rely too heavily on imports. Our country does not produce enough.
Our supermarkets are full of products from other countries,” Clr Mutjavikua said. He hopes this scenario can change at last.
“At a Regional level, we are convinced on what we have to do. However, we need to convince the people at the head office,” he further said. This process takes a long time.
Mutjavikua used the term “consensus” frequently during his speech, saying that it takes a long time to reach a consensus on certain ideas – like the ones mentioned above.
“It is a process to arrive there. It needs a lot of consensus”.

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