Desert Dash 2018

Platz Am Meer Swakopmund was the finish line for annual Desert Dash this year. The six-stage mountain bike challenge that began in Windhoek on Friday afternoon brought together riders from various walks of life.

chmed Giesler one of about 214 solo riders from Cape Town shared how his team thoroughly enjoyed the event. “The west wind was quite strong this year”, comments Giesler. Some riders threw in the towel because of the strong winds.
Addressing the participants Lionel Mathews Nedbank’s managing director, who also took part in the 24km race, confirmed continued support for the event.
Record N$357 000 in prize money was given out this year, with various charitable organisations receiving cheques. The most coveted prize of the event a N$46 000 Mountain bike was won by a solo rider Marcel Suren.
Solo men

  1. Konny Looser Swiss
  2. Drikus Coetzee NAM
  3. Jacques Tattersall RSA
    Solo women’s
  4. Rebecca Robisch from Germany
  5. Irene Steyn from Namibia
  6. Siska Van der Bijl from South Africa
    1 Team Hollard
    Martin Freyer NAM
    Richard Simpso RSA
    2 Team NCCS 2
    Nolan Bruce Hoffmann RSA
    Lotto Petrus NAM
    3 Team Cycles4U Elite
    Joshua Scherer NAM
    Nicolaas Swart NAM
    1 Swakopmund Guest-house
    Christiane Beulker NAM
    Catherine Pellow-Jarman RSA
    2 Uber Girls
    Samantha Geyser UK
    Lonel Smith NAM
    3 Delush
    Vicki Vosloo NAM
    Adele Conradie NAM
    1 Beauty and the Bean
    Christiaan Bean NAM
    Silke Bean NAM
    2 First National Bank
    Ananias Tamatisous NAM
    Marion Schonecke NAM
    3 Team Pari Passu
    Willie Junius NAM
    Marguerita Maritz NAM
    1 Gondwana Masters
    Piet Swiegers NAM
    Rob Sim RSA
    Nico Pfitzenmaier RSA
    Corrie Muller RSA
    2 Hollard 1
    Jaco Lamprecht NAM
    Gerhard Mans JNR NAM
    Andre Vermeulen NAM
    Xavier Papo NAM
    3 Megatech #MBM
    Morne Nell NAM
    Hans Du Toit NAM
    Stefan Bohlke NAM
    Pieter du Toit RSA
    1 Speedy Sloths NAM
    Carmen Johannes NAM
    Jenny Pahl NAM
    Fester Nicola NAM
    Heide Hobohm NAM
    2EpieQ womans NAM
    Lelane van Wyk NAM
    Lindie Loock NAM
    Charmaine Grobler NAM
    Mayvonne Swart NAM
    Yolandi Kittler NAM
    Leonie van Zyl NAM
    Lindi Anne Dreyer NAM
    Hesmar Venter NAM
    1 DK Dashers
    Chris de Kock RSA
    Matthew de Kock RSA

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