Desert Inn Pool Club(DIPC) hosts excellent pool competition

History has been made at the Desert Inn Pool Club (DIPC) competition that was held on 5 August, a 9-year-old boy (Cyril Moller Jr) participated in a pool competition. The prize money of N$5,000.00 was up for grabs in Walvis Bay. A total of 47 pool player’s as far as Rehoboth participated in the competition.
Cyril Moller Jr was drawn to play in group stages of 5 players where only 2 players can go through to the trials. The spectators of about 80 people were cheering on the young Cyril Moller when he beat his father Cyril Moller Sr. The young boy went through to the quarter finals where he was ousted in a sudden-death by John Claassen. Cyril Sr survived a battle with Marcellino Martin which allowed him to go through to the Semi-finals.
Cyril Sr (from Celtic Pool Club) won the final play of the day and walked away with the prize money of N$2500, Likues from the Swakopmund Pool Club got N$1500 as he came second, JC van Rooyen from Celtic Pool Club was third and received N$500, N$300 went to John Claassen from Desert Inn Pool Club for the fourth place and Frank Beukes all the way from the Rehoboth Pool Club was fifth and got N$200.
The Chairman of Desert Inn Pool Club Howard Brown extended his appreciation to everyone that supported them to make this a successful day to remember.
Namibia Pool & Billiard Federation will select a team that will represent Namibia at the All Africa Pool Championships in Harare from 25 August to 9 September and a team that will go to Cape Town from 8-16 December to play against Western Province.

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