Desert Storm hits the coast

Tomorrow the Namibia Kickboxing Federation (NKF) will host the first international kickboxing competition at the harbour town of Walvis Bay. The competition will be known as the Desert Storm 1.
The events that will be on display during the day will be Kickboxing, self-defence and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is the first event of its kind for Namibian kickboxing and there will be a world title fight as well as three African title fights. All the Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu clubs in Namibia will participate at the event. The event will form part for national trails for all Namibians. Participating countries will be host Namibia, Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the USA. President of the Namibia Kickboxing Federation, Anita de Klerk, said; “These will aid towards a selection of an inclusive Namibian team to represent the country at international level in competitions. This will also enable athletes to set and improve their own standards as well.” The world title fight will be between, Brandon Mashele (South Africa) and Clain Matrix (Reunion Island).
The Sub-Sahara title fights will be fought between:
Delano Müller (Namibia) vs Tabiso Mkhwebane (South Africa) in
age group 13.
Lesley Hoaeb (Namibia) vs Nico Bezuidenhout (South Africa), welterweight.
Julian Müller (Namibia) vs Johan Scholtz (South Africa), middleweight.
Anita de Klerk said that every one is wellcome to come and surport the Namibian fighters. The event will be at at the Jan Wilken Staduim and will start tonight at 17:00 with the fitness compitition. The event will start tomorrow morning at 08:00 at the same venue.

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