Do Mar Fishing – Experienced fish trader

Rudi Bowe

Do Mar Fishing, is a company that has more than 15 years’ specialised experience in the logistics of fish in and around Namibia and the SADC regions.

Young entrepreneur and owner of the fishing company, Antonio Rodriques started as a fish trader in Angola in 2005. The economy-collapse in Angola forced Rodriques to look for greener pastures in Namibia. Rodriques started the very successful Do Mar Fishing, a company that foc-ses on the processing, sales and logistics of the final fish product from Walvis Bay to different regions in the SADC, in 2017. The company grew to 12 employees over the last five years.
With the increase in demand in the market, the company has its eyes set on growing its staff to about 200 employees in the next 5 years. “Growth is one thing, stagnation is another. In order to grow, we need the support of the Namibian Government, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and other fishing companies in the sector.” Rodriques argues numerous fishing companies do not yet see the solution of the high unemployment rate of Namibia actually lies in the sup-port and empowerment of traders. Fish traders like Do Mar Fishing will be able to grow exponentially if supported by fishing companies, which will allow trading companies to employ more people.
Rodriques finds the purchase of quotas through auction very tough as this minimises their chances to trade, because of the fact traders have to compete against the government and big fishing companies in the sector, questioning the government allowing other countries to benefit from Namibian recourses which create jobs inside these countries while Namibia’s unemployment rate in-creases on a daily basis.
Rodriques said, “it is in my opinion where there is a decision to be made in the fishing industry, everyone in the industry should be able to give input, rather than the decision-making only be left for the government.”
Do Mar Fishing stands by the Harambe prospect, “No child should be left behind”.
Rodriques believes in the empowerment of woman and giving back to the Namibian child.
A pledge was made by Rodriques at the Namibian Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) event of 20 000 sanitary pads and N$30 000 for school girls in the Karas Region.
Everyone at Do Mar Fishing wishes to thank all fishing companies, customers and partners for doing business with them.

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