Dog-owners’ attitudes has to change…

A resident of Walvis Bay frequenting the Walvis Bay lagoon says she is increasingly concerned and frustrated with dog-owners who don’t clean up after their dogs. Many dog-owners prefer to turn a blind eye when their dogs relieve themselves, much to the disgust of others.

The resident wrote the following letter:
“If you walk your dog in public communal areas, you must clean up what your dog leaves behind. This is clearly indicated on Municipal signs along the walkways along the Walvis Bay lagoon.
Unfortunately, very few pet owners following these rules, some will even let their dog relieve itself right underneath the signs and pretend not to have seen it or not know about this rule.
With the increased number of dogs in town the most pristine area in Walvis Bay – the beautiful lagoon – has become a litter box for dog’s poop. No matter if you ride a bike, walk or exercise on the 5 km lagoon promenade or the greens next to it– one has to constantly keep one’s eyes wide open to avoid treading in the left behinds of other people’s furry friends.

It is not only unhygienic, but a very unsocial behaviour if you as dog owner ignore your duties. If you decide to own a dog, you must also be pre-pared for all the pro’s and con’s that a dog owner-ship brings with it. To remove its poop might be one of the less pleasant things you have to do, but you must not leave it behind for it to become a nuisance to others. It remains your responsibility to remove it.

Namibia wants to become a modern country. People are educated, use latest technology and drive cars. In developed countries all over the world is it the most normal thing for dog owners to remove their pet’s poop in public areas. It is time for Namibian’s dog owners to change their attitude and clean up behind their dogs, not only for the tourists who will hopefully soon be returning, but also to show the local community that ‘we can and we care’!
Please take a plastic bag before you take your dogs out and pick up that heaps of nuisance left by them, because there is nobody else who will do it for you!”

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