Dog savagely beaten on head to be killed and slaughtered

A DRC resident is devastated after one of her dogs was recently stolen by an unknown perpetrator which savagely tried to kill the animal to eat it. The dog, known to its owner as Teddybear, was beaten with a pipe on the head numerous times – the culprit was caught red-handed but ran away.
“There is no law in Namibia prohibiting people from eating a dog or a cat,” explains the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Swakopmund. Charges can only be laid when a person witnesses an animal being abused. The case is then reported to the police. The police will in turn investigate a case of animal cruelty.
“We suggest that people immediately report such cases at the nearest police station,” stated the SPCA.
The incident occurred on Friday, 1 September. The owner was at work when Teddybear was “stolen” out of her yard. The culprit turned out to be a family member which the dog knows and therefore followed.
“He sold the dog to a person for N$600 who wanted to kill it for meat,” said the distraught owner. She wishes to remain anonymous as she fears the culprits might return. The dog was taken to a house in DRC where the buyer of the animal beat the dog on the head with a pipe numerous times in an attempt to kill it.
A neighbour heard a dog crying out in pain and when he went to investigate, the seller of the dog immediately ran off while the buyer continued beating the animal.
“When the man beating the dog turned around and saw the neighbour he also ran away”, the owner of the dog explained. The dog managed to free itself and ran home. It was by mere chance that the initiators of the Feed-A-Paw program drove past and saw Teddybear.
“Blood was pouring out of its mouth and nose. Its face was completely mangled,” said Madelaine Strydom to namib times. She immediately took the dog to the vet but the injuries were too severe to save the animal. Teddybear had to be put down. “It was extremely sad. We have been taking care of him since he was born,” Strydom continued. Teddybear was a mixed breed and was just over a year old.
Two days after the incident the family member, who initially sold Teddybear, returned to the house of the dog owner in an attempt to steal another dog to sell. “I chased him away. He was banned from the family for what he has done,” the owner continued. According to her there are many people living in DRC who regard dogs and cats as loving pets, but there are also many that see these animals as a delicacy.
“Dogs are killed regularly. It’s not like the people do not have money to buy meat. They spend a lot of money to buy a dog and eat it,” she continued.

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