Donation of fish much welcomed for underprivileged households

Low Key Fishing, under the leadership of Mr. Luis Fernandez, donated fish recently to recipients in Kuisebmond and Narraville. Job losses and reduced income caused by the Covid-19 lockdowns during 2020 caused numerous households having to cope with nutritional shortages.

The donation was challenged through the Regional Councillor for the Walvis Bay Urban Constituency, Cllr. Deriou Benson. The donated fish include one pallet of horse mackerel, Jacopever fish and hake. to the office of the Walvis Bay Urban Constituency. According to Councillor Benson, the fish will be distributed to various recipients and recipient organisations, including the Kuisebmond Old Age Home and the club house at the Narraville rugby stadium where people who cannot afford formal housing are currently housed.

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