Donations streaming in to assist shack fire victims

Local businessman, Paulus Ndume of Ndume Trading Enterprises CC, recently donated N$50 000 toward the Mayoral Relief Fund in aid of assisting members of the community who have lost their homes and property at the hands of shack fires.

During the donation ceremony, Mayor Immanuel Wilfred highlighted his growing concern about shack fires after recently looking at statistics of the past 16 months which has seen 103 shacks destroyed by fire and more than 200 people homeless. A total number of 43 shacks burned down between January and May of this year. Wilfred added that the only way to put an end to the disastrous effects of shack fires is to ultimately make adequate housing available to the near 50 000 people living in backyard shacks in Kuisebmond.
At the same ceremony, Round Table 36 donated an additional 130 blankets and 13 bags of clothing which was received from community members during the annual Winter Knights campaign as well as donations made by Namsov Fishing Enterprises and Fishmar to assist shack fire victims.
The organisation also made a donation of 20 blankets and 3 mattresses to Kids Haven. Wilfred thanked Build It and EBH Namibia for donating building material to the value of N$10 000, as well as Nedbank for announcing their intention to also contribute towards easing the plight of the recent fire victims.

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