Donations to the children’s ward

Rudi Bowe

The Senior Women’s Fellowship of the Bethel Congregational Church in Narraville donated pillows, blankets and toys to the Children’s Ward of the Walvis Bay State Hospital to the value of N$2 320.

The women saw the need and collected the items donated among them. This was done to help the babies in need.
Ms Elize Bailey from the Senior Women’s Fellowship said: “We hope that these few items will help with the need at the children’s ward in the hospital”.
Bailey added that this will not be the last that they will donate to the Hospital and she thanked the doctors and nurses for their commitment to the children and other patients in the Hospital.
Doctor Martha Ntinda who received the items at the hospital said that the items will be used only for what it is intended for and that the hospital staff will take care of all the items.
Dr Ntinda thanked the women of the Bethel Congregational Church for what they are doing for the children in the hospital and that they appreciated it when community members help the hospital in their need.

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