Don’t close Langstrand beaches – residents

Members of the public were adamant on Wednesday night that residents of Lang-strand cannot “privatise” the beaches of this suburb, and for the municipality to allow people unhindered access to popular beach picnic spots in the area.

The municipality of Walvis Bay organised a public meeting that took place at the Narraville Community Hall on Wednesday night to get the input from the general public. The municipality will utilise these inputs together with those of Langstrand residents who are concerned about vehicles having free entry to beach areas.
Residents at Langstrand remain divided over the issue of beach access. Some are against barriers to prevent vehicles entering beach areas near popular picnic spots. Others are concerned over the fact that proposed access roads and parking areas can inconvenience picnicgoers who will have to carry umbrellas, kazebo’s, cooler boxes and other leisure equipment for far distances.
“Those who are driving recklessly on beaches at Langstrand are residents of Langstrand or holidaymakers. We as locals frwquenting Langstrand for leisure are well mannered and there has not been a single incident where any local injured someone with a vehicle whilst picnicking at Langstrand, one resident explained on the sideline after the meeting to elaborate on the issue of Langstrand residents claiming “outsiders” are causing the trouble.

Many opinions and concerns were heard by council members present on Wednesday night, including Municipality General Manager of Roads and Building Control, André Burger, and Manager for Community Development, Piet van Niekerk. Suggestions have been made. It was clear from the comments by Walvis Bay residents at the meeting they don’t want the beaches closed for vehicle access to popular spots.

Council, the public was informed, will take in consideration all the comments made at the meeting, and come up with reasonable solutions before having another public meeting regarding the matter.

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