Don’t miss tomorrow night’s fight

Tomorrow Swakopmunders will witness the first boxing exhibition for the year when Albinus “Danny feel the pain” Felisianu, a professional boxer takes the ring with Given Mothiba an MMA Kickboxing fighter who derives from South Africa.

Legacy Boxing Club in conjunction with Danny, a professional boxer and also IBF Youth World Title, WBF Lightweight Inter-continental and IBF All Africa Inter-Continental holder will be hosting their first exhibition fight night in Swakopmund at the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre on 16 February, doors open at 18:00. This event will be the very first boxing event of the year.
Mothiba an MMA fighter is ranked 33rd under the Amateur Mens Ban-tamweight title. The fight will be a 12 round challenge and Danny will be facing a couple of other big guys including Lesley !Hoaëb a Kick- boxing Champion from Walvis Bay. “Boxing is not about how big or short you are so all I am going to do on Saturday night is to use my mind to fight five big guys in the ring over 12 rounds”.
The night will also see an auctioning fight between Lesley !Hoaëb and Delano Müller. The event is aimed at raising funds for Danny Boy’s International fight which is scheduled for 21 March this year in Outapi. Danny said this fight will also prepare him for a big challenge which awaits him in America later this year, but he could however not reveal the date and who he will be fighting against. He said he is invited for a fight and will leave as soon as his paperwork is ready. He urges his supporters, box lovers and fans to show up in big numbers and support the fight.
During a press conference earlier this week, namib times also had a chat with Lesley !Hoaëb to find out what the year has in store for him and he had this to say: “I am going to fight the World Title in America, the preparation is going well and I am very excited for the fight”. Commenting on the yearly plans, his Coach Phillip Müller said they signed a contract for the Wold Title fight which is going to take place in Georgia Atlanta, USA on 4 June. According to him, Delano is also going to defend his World Champion Title so if he wins this then it will be his third time as World Champion and after their trip to the States, Lesley and Delano will go to Brazil for another fight.
Ambrosius Marsh a community activist mentioned that boxing is a way of disciplining the young children, “boxing is there to discipline the kids and teach them how to overcome obstacles in life. My part in this boxing career is to make sure that Danny is fulfilling his vision and I also advise him on what to do and where to go”.
Marsh said him and Danny plan on getting the kids and the community involved in boxing. If you want to be a good boxer or a good sports-men you need discipline. “I support Danny 100%”, concluded Marsh.

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