Dormac Marine Engineering completes giant 500 000 liters diesel storage tank

Company demonstrates Walvis Bay remains the leading marine industrial & engineering hub

Hangana Seafood Processors took delivery of a gigantic diesel storage tank at its premises in Walvis Bay yesterday.

The gigantic structure was constructed by Walvis Bay-based Dormac Marine Engineering Namibia.
Construction of the 500 cubic metres diesel storage tank commenced in October last year, and is one of the first major projects undertaken by Dormac Marine Engineering since its full return to the Namibian market.
The tank was constructed in one of Dormac Marine’s workshops. Engineers were left with an error margin of only a few centimetres. The work was critical. The slightest measurement error in the design would have meant the storage tank would be too large to leave through the workshop’s equally gigantic entrance once the metal fabrication work concluded..
Clearly Dormac Marine Engineering executed a superb job. The completed storage tank left the workshop yesterday morning on a multi-axel abnormal cargo low-bed trailer of Walvis Bay Plant & Tool Hire. The low-bed trailer’s axles can individually turn, ensuring it can manoeuvre its giant load in confined spaces and manage tricky corners.
The first task was to remove two giant doors of the workshop. That required a 150 tons mobile crane. The tank was then lifted in a twin-lift by two of Dormac’s overhead cranes and kept suspended. The low-bed trailer was manoeuvred into the position inside the workshop.

The cranes then moved the tank into position over the low-bed trailer, with an astonishing few centimeters clearance space between the tank and the trailer’s loading surface.
Once in position, the tank was lowered on the low-bed, and secured by chain.
Walvis Bay Plant & Tool Hire then delivered the tank to Hangana’s premises by abnormal load convoy.
With this project, Dormac Marine Engineering proved Walvis Bay remains a key stakeholder in marine industrial and engineering work, including large scale metal fabrication.

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