Double dose of misfortune for Namibian Dolphin Project Researchers

Researchers from the Namibian Dolphin Project were victim to a break in on Friday morning at their researchers accommodation situated along the Walvis Bay Lagoon.

The Namibian Dolphin Project is a group of university affiliated researchers, students and interns, who conduct research on whales and dolphins along the Namibian coastline. The project is based year around in Walvis Bay and has an education office at the Walvis Bay water front. Burglars removed security bars from the cottage window and gained access to the residence whilst Dr Simon Elwen and several research interns were fast asleep. The break in was particularly poor timing for the project, as several computers were on site as data were being backed up following a successful field season. In total 4 laptops, a hard drive, and many personal items belonging to the project director, Dr Elwen were stolen including his ID documents, wallet and phone. Luckily no one was injured during this break in. We are appealing to members of the Walvis Bay community to please keep an eye out for the following electronics and contact the police if such items are on sale in second hand shops, or on the street etc:
HP Envy 17 Laptop, Lenovo G50-80 80E5 S/N PF081TD7, Fujitsu Laptop Lifebook A-series – serial no.: YL9P174781, Apple Macbook Pro C02GMJ2LDV13, 2 external 2 TB hard drives containing images of dolphins and other data, wallet and ID documents for Dr Simon Elwen.
Although some items were insured, it will not be possible to replace all equip-ment through insurers.
Therefore we would welcome the support of local businesses or individuals with spare computing equipment or those wanting to donated to the research project. Further details about the project and ways to support can be found on or our facebook page:https://www.face-book. com/Namibian-Dolphin-Project.
In light of these unfortunate events, we are particularly grateful to Werner and Rika from Battle of the Dunes for their recent donation to the Namibian Dolphin Project.
Meanwhile, it was confirmed that the same researchers that were victim to this burglary were also victim to a motor car crash at Omaruru on Sunday afternoon. The vehicle which they were travelling in to Erindi Game Lodge was involved in a rear-end collision with a South African registered vehicle. The researchers were lightly injured and was discharged from Omaruru Hospital after being examined by a local medical practitioner.

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