Double Happiness” brings Chinese cigarette smugglers double trouble

Three Chinese nationals were arrested at the Walvis Bay International Airport last Friday after they were caught trying to smuggle undeclared cartons of cigarettes into the country. The trio was spotted throwing the cartons of cigarettes through a toilet window in an attempt to circumnavigate the watchful eyes of customs officials and the police.
Li Suifen (50), Wu Jinhai (41) and Zeng Xianggui (54) are from the South-east Chinese province of Guangdong. They were taken into custody and charged with the breach of security measures at an airport. The eleven car-tons of cigarettes represent 2 200 individual cigarettes. The brand ironically: Shuangxi “Double Happiness”.
The trio was fined N$3 000 each in the Walvis Bay Magistrate court on Tuesday. Double the trouble from Double Happiness, as cigarettes are not only bad for your health, but can bring you in a whole lot of trouble too.

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