Doughnut Bar will open its doors to the public soon

Sharlien Tjambari

The 1877 Doughnut Bar which is situated on the Swakopmund Jetty, will open its doors to the public on 29 October this year. The Bar sells doughnuts that are not oily but fresh, soft in the inside with a crunchy crust.

Karen who is ambitious with everything she does, says her motivation to open the 1877 Doughnut Bar was her son, “a couple of months ago my son said he has been everywhere in Namibia and could not find a decent doughnut, that is when the idea was born”.
She said, when making doughnuts, not only the dough must be perfect, but all the ingredients must be well coordinated with each other. She uses eleven different types of ingredients when making a doughnut, so her doughnuts are not ordinary. She said: “This is the only way to create a perfect taste experience for our customers and to keep our customers happy. We give you a taste that was forgotten in time”.
According to Karen, the yeast she uses originates from her great-grand-mother from the 1800s.
Karen and her husband André said they make their doughnuts according to the German craft-manship and tradition. They said: “the traditional way of doughnut making is very time consuming. You will never forget this taste. These doughnuts will be your reference for every doughnut that you will eat for the rest of your life. We only produce products of the highest quality, quality you can taste and fall in love with”.
Karen is a qualified gourmet cook and has years of experience in the Guest industry. She was intro-duced to the world of cooking and baking by her mother as a child. When she was 6-years-old she baked her first cake which was a bit firm, but with a very nice taste.

The shop not only sells doughnuts but cakes as well. Cakes are baked on request and are also baked accor-ding to the German craftmanship. Karen said: “We use fresh cream and butter. The price depends on the cake”.
The 1877 Doughnut Bar offers free deliveries if you place an order of N$500 or more in Swakopmund or you can pick up your order. Orders are placed a day before you can pick it up. They deliver doughnuts and cakes to you for your Doughnut party, Birthday, Company functions, Wedding, Christmas, New Year parties etc.
Visit the 1877 Doughnut Bar websites at or at for online shopping and more information or simply call them at +264 81 396 9585 for orders.

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