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The collective experience of three security entrepreneurs is now at your service, under one roof. ProTech Security cc recently announced a merger with Erongo Axis Security and directors Hermi van Zyl, Jaco de Villiers and Klonkie de Villiers, all well-known names in the local and regional private security services sector, shared their excitement over this new venture. They were also particularly excited about the new “Protech Namibia Panic Button App” they are introducing to the market.

ProTech Security prides itself as a market leader in a wide range of service which include: alarm installations and maintenance, CCtv, access control, alarm monitoring and response, electric fencing, intercoms, DStv installations, guarding services and gate- and garage motors.
Installations are done throughout Erongo Region whilst response services are conducted at Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Dolphin Park and Langstrand.
In a recent interview with Namib Times, Messers van Zyl, de Villiers and de Villiers elaborated on the new Panic App and also answered a few frequently asked questions over this cell phone application.
The App only uses your cell phone’s GPS and data once it is open and being used.
In the event of an emergency, pre-programmed emergency contacts receive notifications by SMS with your location at the time the app was activated. The App is activated with just one press.
The person who activated the app can also be tracked remotely in real-time in the event he or she cannot talk or is on the move.
Notifications of crimes or suspicious activities near you can also be sent to you via the App and keeps you informed and alert. Similarly, the App user can easily report crimes and suspicious activities on the App and notify people in your community.
A map allows the user to view crime locations and crime hot spots.
The App also allows a user to be tracked by ProTech Security in the person is going into an area or situation they feel nervous about.
The App also has a recording function that activates by one touch. This device can for instance assist recording a person soliciting a bribe or in the event of verbal confrontations.
A selfie function allows you to instantly upload a picture of you, in order to be easily identified once the emergency contact person or persons locates and reaches you.
Frequently asked questions by users already using the App are answered:

  1. Why does the App require all these permissions? Some App users are concerned about the number of permissions required. It is especially obvious in Android 6 (Marshmallow). In general, the App only uses additional permissions when the user initiates specific activities where these are required.
  2. Contacts: emergency contacts can be selected from your phone’s contact list.
  3. Location: when the activate the panic button or the “Follow Me” the app can notify your emergency contacts or Protech Security (if you partner with us) of your location.
  4. SMS: when you press the panic button it will send and SMS to your emergency contacts showing your location. It will also SMS the contact when the alert is cancelled.
  5. Phone: this function on the App makes it possible to make a call to your emergency contact when you press the; button.
  6. Photos/Media/Files: it allows you to add photos of yourself (at registration) or a crime (when adding an alert). The App does not perform this function in the background. You must initiate it.
  7. Microphone: to record audio when you press the “Record Audio” button only.
  8. Data: The App uses data when you press the panic button or follow me button. Data is also used during the registration, adding crime alerts, to use the map and online shop.
  9. Identity: Google Play requires that to know who downloaded the App and so users can access across devices.
  10. Device ID and call info: so, we can synchronise your app details if, for example, you delete the App and re-install it.

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