Dr Nujoma cuts the ribbon at new recovery clinic

Founding President Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma inaugurated the newly constructed St Raphael Health Recovery Clinic, which is owned by the well-known Gabriela Teleman of the St Gabriel Community Ambulance Trust.

Teleman, who has been operating St Gabriel Community Ambulance Trust for the past 13 years at the coast, had her dream come true to open the health clinic with the financial help of local businessman, Chico Gomes.
The clinic provides health services for a range of conditions such as drug- and alcohol addiction, uncontrolled diabetes, mental health deterioration and rehabilitation for accident victims.
The clinic is fully operational and equipped with top of the range medical technology and 13 beds. The clinic is staffed by 14 nurses.
The clinic is open for anyone and everyone, regardless of financial status. Dr. Nujoma applauded Teleman’s initiative and for providing the coastal community with quality health services.
“Walvis Bay has become my home and my family, and without my family I could not have made this possible. I have always believed to not ask what my country can do for me, but rather I ask myself what I can do for our country,” Teleman stated at the event, echoing the words of John F. Kennedy.

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