DRC Clinic receives immune boosters

Sharlien Tjambari

The DRC Clinic received immune boosters worth N$13 000 on Monday this week. The medicine was donated by anonymous individuals through the office of the Governor for the community members in DRC, Swakopmund.

During the handover of the medicine the Governor of Erongo Region Neville Andre Itope said, while addressing challenges such as hospitalisation needs and telling or persuading people to get vaccinated and adhering to protocols in place, “there is a need for other interventions to see how we can minimise the spread of Covid-19. Our office was given some donations by some good Samaritans, individual people who also thought that maybe we can look at babies, look at people from the less privilege society and the elderly people to be assisted while we are waiting for them to get vaccinated”, said Andre.
Andre further said community members need to be reminded to eat healthy, take their immune boosters, drink enough water, and exercise because these are some of the things that can fight the virus in the body.
Receiving the medicine on behalf of the DRC Clinic, the Mayor of Swakopmund Louisa Kativa thanked the office of the governor and the good Samaritans who donated the medicines. The Senior Medical Officer at the Swakopmund District Hospital, Dr Marita Mouton said: “We know our mothers and babies, especially in our informal settlements do not have the means to procure these vitamins and that is why we really appreciate the donation. We will give them the immune boosters and tell our community members to still adhere to the safety measures and still preach to our community members to come for the vaccination because the vaccination is the only think that will keep you from getting severe disease and ending up in the hospital”.

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