Driver crashes car through wall after fleeing two hit and run scenes

The driver of this silver double cab pick-up remains on the run from the Police which was involved in two separate hit-and-run incidents on Friday evening before crashing into a wall. The driver fled the scene. Exact details about the incident are still sketchy.
According to eyewitnesses the first incident occurred after 20:00 in the evening at Heavy House Bar, where the driver of the vehicle, who is believed to be a Rastafarian, knocked down a woman. The injuries sustained by the victim included multiple fractures of the pelvis, injuries to her knees and slight neck injuries. Instead of reporting the incident the driver sped off.
Shortly after the incident the driver allegedly hit a young child in Kommando Street. The injuries were described as minor and the child is reported to have complained of neck pains. The driver allegedly sped off again and this time drove back into the vicinity of the bar. “In Modelani Street he lost control over the vehicle and ploughed through a wall,” an eyewitness reported to namib times. The driver ran away from the scene, leaving an injured passenger behind. The passenger sustained deep lacerations on the arm and head and was admitted to hospital.
Meanwhile a new record for driving while under the influence of alcohol was registered at the Swakopmund Traffic department over the past weekend. According to a Senior Traffic Official a driver was arrested on Sunday afternoon who was four times over the legal limit. “When a breathalyser test was conducted the person had a reading of 1.71 milligrams per 1000 millilitre of breath. It is the highest reading I’ve ever seen,” the officer explained. The legal limit is 0.37 milligrams per 1000 millilitre of breath. The person was driving a silver Hyundai sedan vehicle when he was apprehended on Sunday afternoon.
On the picture above: The driver of the pick-up fled the scene when he ploughed through a wall. Shortly before he allegedly sped away from two separate hit-and-run incidents.

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