Driver smashes into two vehicles and building after leaving bar

An allegedly inebriated driver of a double-cab bakkie caused a serious accident late Friday evening in the road close to Vintage Dance Bar in Swakopmund. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the driver enter his parked car, spin on the road and then smashing into two parked vehicles before ending up in the showroom of Atlatek Refrigeration.

Luckily nobody was hurt during the incident. The police was called to the scene and allegedly the driver was arrested for being intoxicated. During the incident a parked sedan vehicle was damaged substantially and had to be towed away.
The other vehicle, being a Toyota Land Cruiser, showed minor damage. More damage was reported by Atlatek.
“Besides destroying my whole front window and the frame, a dishwasher valued at about N$7 000 was also destroyed, as well as the case of a washing machine,” Helmuth Rückert from Atlatek said to namib times.

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